“One might suppose that the ultimate home is one that you do not need to leave or travel to” Bernd Heinrich, The Homing Instinct

This assignment continues exploring the idea of ‘Feeling at home’. This time, we move out of the city, into the countryside, still within the Aarhus municipality limits, where a quite new trend on allegedly sus-tainable suburban development is going on in places like Lisbjerg or Nye. These new structures pose similar challenges and questions than those in Aarhus Ø, in relation with creating a sense of community, belonging and home. Which are the tensions and opportunities that arise in such places, when a quite big number of newcomers move into the outskirts of these small towns? How can these people make that place their home? 

The program of this semester was a group of several homes, where a bunch of people who want or have to spend a long time at home have joined forces to find an architect who will design a community responding to their specificities. The architect they chose is you. Your project should accommodate the needs of the following citizens:
-A widowed retiree with no family or friends.
-A truck driver who has been paralysed from the waist down due to an accident.
-A refugee family that has recently arrived to Denmark (couple with two children of five and 12 years old and a grandmother).
-A young couple with one and three year old children who have decid-ed to do homeschooling.
-An engineer who is a wind energy consultant and works from home.

You can choose if each of those live alone or with others, and their gender and place of birth. However, at least one of the inhabitants is born and raised in Lisbjerg. You should choose the occupations and/or characteristics of other five inhabitants for whom you design the houses, with the premise that each spends most of her or his days at home. However, there are guidelines that should be followed:
– Number of units: between 20 and 30
– You should follow the guidelines established at the Udviklingsplan for Lisbjerg
– The structure should be mainly built out of wood
– The empty space close to your building and within your site is also part of your proposal, including the public space suggestes in the Udviklingsplan. From these initial requirements, each student should develop her/his own specific program that responds to her/his approach to the as-signment. As an opportunity to further develop the knowledge on timber building systems, we encourage you to use wood as the structural material.