Technique is the corpus of actions and knowledge through which living systems, including animals and therefore mankind, transform the environment in order to increase their chances of survival, find meaning or simply find some amusement. The peculiarity of human technical skills is that they have created a culture and civilisation that is menaced by this amazing ability: current industrial technologies are not so much a threat to mankind as a species, but to collective and individual cultures based on equality and solidarity, as well as having direct and indirect devastating impact on other species we are related to.

Ortega y Gasset defined technique as man’s means to modify nature in order to do away with its needs, by erasing or decreasing chance and effort involved in satisfying them. A reaction against this nature that leads mankind to create a new nature -an ‘overnature’- between the former one and itself. Is it possible to do so without destroying Nature? Is it possible to build without destroying and killing? Which architecture techniques can do so?