TEACHING, Little Map

Little Maps is a pedagogical project focused on how we can learn in intimacy to architecture today.

TEACHING, Little Map

What can architects do?

How do I know if I'm doing it right?

Which kind of information do we harvest in this initial stage? Where and when to stop? Where to look for knowledge?

TEACHING, Little Map

To identify some symptoms, which most of the time are not what we initially expected. What is the job to be done?

How and when can we start to design?

What can we think of? To live before living.

What can we think of? To anticipate how a place will work, how will people feel in it, how it will age, how it will get better with time.

What can we think of? To build before building.

How will the building survive earthquakes, fires and hurricanes?

Check, check and check. Then check again.

TEACHING, Little Map

Easy does it. How will it be built?

TEACHING, Little Map

Caring and the letting go. How will it age?

TEACHING, Little Map

Presenting, communicating and improving.