Miquel Vilella, Writer in Song

“Miquel Vilella, who has published works under the name of The Mighty Fools, received great critical praise with his previous album, ‘You’re so good to me’. His songs unveiled the work of a muscular musician, expert arranger of vocals and harmonies and a devout collector of unidentifiable sounds. His latest album, ‘Després del món/Farewell Dear Towermen’ is released as a double CD with two different titles. It features the same intense, heartbreaking songs sung both in catalan and in english.”
He shared with us his world of integrity, purity, complex melodies and feelings at the edge of words. As an opening experience, we asked him to write a tale and a song for and from this place. This short film presents a sketch of his two days at camp


Search questions

As a consequence of our search as architects, we also produce understanding and knowledge made of words -written and spoken. This search revolves around twelve constant themes, questions we don’t have a definitive answer to yet. This knowledge is not just a by-product of our activity, but rather an instrumental part that develops simultaneously and is imbricated in building. Search Questions is our sisyphean effort to organize and share this knowledge while it's blossoming, fragile and unstable. By doing so, a more specific understanding, and more refined questions emerge.

1. Pequeñas Cabañas BIY

An exploration on children's innate drive and ability to build, and some huts that they can build together with grown-ups. Published by Editorial Gustavo Gili.

2. Endless beginnings

Graduation Ceremony. AAA. Aarhus, Denmark. September 2020.

Journal paper
3. OE House

ARQ 94. Universidad Católica de Chile. With Cristina Goberna and Urtzi Grau.

4. Open Process Ecosystems

Beyond Product Platforms for multi-storey habitats design and manufacturing. With Duncan Maxwell.

5. Subrural

An incipient theory of the subrural, first published in Catalan in AT magazine, edited by Nuria Casais and Ferran Grau.