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CollaboratorRICARD PAU




PhotographJOSÉ HEVIA


Alfondac is a guest house, a prototype and a Living Lab, where we invite you to experience some of the products and systems we design and make. At Aixopluc we build many prototypes. We need you to test them so we can keep improving. You can stay for as many nights as you want.

Pandocheion! / Welcome all!


Al-fondaq is an arab word that describes a building that is both an overnight stay for travelers and merchants, and a communal storage and trading of grain surplus. It is the spatial prelude of the lonja. The catalan word fonda (lodge) has its direct origin in it. This name is a homage to the muslim heritage of our territory. Alfondac is a disperse guest house, in various locations, far from each other, so that each can become a stage on your own journey. The foundational act of architecture is to host. To welcome others, foreigners or friends, strangers or alike.

Alfondac is always on the making, constantly improved and transformed. And we value what your emotions and thoughts during and after your stay to help us on the constant iteration of each space, component and part. An inhabitable prototype. Each one of these houses questions a traditional assumption of what a domestic space is. It is a Living Lab focused on how each of your distinct needs, hopes, dreams and fears in an unconventional habitat.

If you are interested in some of our systems or products, you can test them so you can experience how they feel before deciding to take them home with you or engage with us to design and make your own habitat. A house is for life, so it is better to live it beforehand. For a few hours, days or even weeks. Please contact us at if you want to stay for a night or a few days in it, and we will send you further details. Instead of making these places available through global digital platforms, we prefer to have a more direct relation with our guests. One of us will always be reachable during your stay.


Shelterhood L Chair and Table

Homeful, A tiniest house. Night time configuration.

In this habitat you will find our Homeful system for refurbishment of abandoned places, including our kitchen and hut products. You will be able to sit and work in some of our Shelterhood initial prototypes. Some of them have continued into production, others are still on the making. This first instalment is right underneath our office, in the heart of Reus. In it we question the separation between cooking and bathing.

Homeful, A tiniest house. Day time configuration.

Homeful, A tiniest house. Day time configuration.

Dezeen and Archdaily have published pretty straigthforward articles about it. Diari Ara have focused on the upcycling side. Nina C. Müller from Baunetz ID has found links with some Jean Prouvé’s works.
For more info about our Alfondac guest houses, please visit the projects below: